Google’s Worst Nightmare: Margrethe Vestager EU Competition Commissioner

Margrethe Vestager EU Google Anti-Trust Commissioner

On April 15, 2015, Margrethe Vestager filed a Statement of Objection — the European Commission’s version of charges — against Google, alleging that the company ‘s preferential treatment of its own comparative shopping service constituted an abuse of its dominant position in internet searches.

On April 15, 2015 Margrethe Vestager submitted a Statement of Objection, which it the European Commission’s version of criminal charges, against Google, Inc. Therein, she alleged, that Google gives preferential exposure to its own comparative shopping solution, which constitutes an abuse of Google’s dominance in the internet search market. The following week, Vestager made another big move by alleging that Russian energy behemoth “Gazprom” misused its dominant position to gouge clients. She is also investigating tax evasion by Starbuck, Apple and even the Luxembourg government — Vestager is earning a reputation as a stony consumer avenger.

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Margrethe Vestager says the search giant is abusing its market dominance and faces more than $6 billion in fines

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