Michael Roberts Licensed Private Investigator & Founder of Googliath.org



In Q3 2013, Michael Roberts was engaged as a consulting private detective by the US Marshalls after a two-month national manhunt had failed to apprehend the suspect. Roberts located the killer within 90-minutes, leading to his arrest by U.S. MARSHALS. The officers also arrested two other individuals at the location for harbouring the fugitive.

United_States_Department_of_Defense_SealCounter-Hacking & Digital Forensic Training for US DoD and Allied Military Forces

Michael coordinated electronic & digital forensics and ethical hacker training programs for the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army, National Guard and USMC. Additional customers include The Australian Department of Defense, NATO and the U.N., just to name a few.

Prosecutorial and Defense Investigative Support

Michael offers pro-bono investigative support for law enforcement teams struggling with various Internet related crimes, whether that be helping bullied students, celebrities, CEOs and lawmakers.

False Charges Dismissed - Wrongly Accused Released from Jail.

Charges-Dismissed-1In 2012 Michael's endeavors resulted in criminal charges being dropped against a falsely arrested single-dad who was jailed for almost 2-weeks. It had been alleged that he sent digital death threats to his estranged wife. Michael commenced a sting operation and demonstrated that the death threats were actually sent by the accuser to herself, presumably in an attempt to gain an advantage in a child custody conflict.

Media "Scoop" - Uncovering Fraudulent Naked Short Selling Scam

scoopIn 2012, Mr. Roberts handed Fairfax Media's "The Age" an exclusive, when he identified the man behind the fraudulent stock manipulation and takeover bid for the major Australian Department store chain, "David Jones".

Michael was described by the investigative reporter as:

"... an absolute secret weapon for any serious reporter".

Many more case studies are available at Michael Roberts' case studies.