Evidence Supporting President Trump's Claims that Google Promotes Defamation in Search Results

Donald Trump's Allegations of Google Search Manipulation Proven in 2012

President Donald Trump's claims that Google artificially elevates negative sentiment in search results was established in 2012 by Licensed Private Investigator, Michael Roberts of Rexxfield.com.

Google is either your friend or worst enemy. In their own words, Google is “…the biggest kingmaker on this Earth”.  If so, then it follows that Google is also “the biggest humiliator on this earth”.  After all, most businesses today stand or fall based on their Google search results.

Michael found that Google seemed to reserve search result positions #3 & #4 on page 1, and #11 on page 2, for results that injured the subject of the search.
After Roberts published his findings, Google seemed to adjust its algorithm so that the humiliating results were spread more randomly in the first and second pages of results, but still seemed to enjoy artificially elevated status.
According to Roberts, Google deliberately defames people to boost its own profits.

According to Roberts, Google deliberately defames people to boost its own profits.

How Google Profits from Defamation

Rexxfield's 2012 video outlines the hypothesis, and how Google benefits financially by defaming third parties while remaining immune from liability due to US legislation Section 230C of the Communications Decency Act.

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How US Congress can fix the problem

Michael later published a video with his suggestions to the US Congress for amendments to the 1996 law that gives Google immunity for defamation, ironically titled "Section 230C of the Communications Decency Act":

Free Self-Help Tools to Combat Google Defamation

rub-out-defamationMichael's team has published guides and DIY tips for reducing the damage Google does to you through defamation. Visit Defamation911.org

About Michael Roberts

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As a Private Investigator, Michael has located or positively identified many anonymous internet criminals, even catching a murder fugitive for the US Marshals after a 2-month manhunt. His biography and case studies are available here: https://www.page1.me/michael/ . Michael's team at Page1.me offers professional assistance in supressing malicious and defamatory content in Google search results.
Michael also provided Investigative Journalistic Support for internet and other electronic communications related cases, should your team have need:

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